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Property Management

Nowadays, the amount of digital data of different source and structure that can be produced for buildings’ management is extensive and always increasing. From simple and common documents in PDF or Word format (reports, surveys, etc.) to images and videos (even 360 degrees), 2D and 3D technical drawings, point clouds from 3D surveys, up to BIM models that are rapidly becoming mandatory for different design levels. Professionals and managers are often overwhelmed by this amount of data, effectively losing control of the workflow around digital data and losing a definite opportunity for process optimization.

The manager and his staff, often a public body, is the main target of this solution. Very often managers are culturally unprepared, given the lack of training and adequate technical tools, to operate with his professionalism in the digital environment. Even the simple opening of a file to check its content requires the use of many specific proprietary software, typically designed for authoring (CAD, BIM, point clouds, 3D modeling, etc.). This also involves significant licensing costs, which are not proportioned to the purpose of checking, archiving and verifying digital files or data. Freeware tools also often require specific skills for installation, format conversions, etc. as errors or incompatibilities can occur. In addition, these tools provide data that are totally unrelated to each other, often unavailable after a short period of time due to licensing problems, archiving, version updates, etc.

The innovations for Property management are:

use of 3D models for management, conservation, design, analysis;

solution of problems for managing large amounts of data that make management processes complex and time-consuming;

solutions for greater data flexibility and usability in the long term;

greater efficiency in data integration;

more efficient tools and processes;

solutions to bridge the gap in digital data integration with existing open standards;

APIs for third party application development and integration;

web platform for BIM models based on a semantic data structure;

cloud or server-based solutions.


These solutions are mainly aimed at

Public administrations for the government of the territory, from municipalities to regions and their equals on European and international territory.

Public and private housing management bodies

Undivided-owned housing cooperatives.

public and private hospital facilities.

ASLs with healthcare facilities spread over a wide territory.

Property management solutions

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