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Tourism: POLAR-ICE

Digital tourism has become particularly significant after the recent events on the international scenario. The fire of the cathedral of Nôtre Dame, first, the lockdown due to Covid-19, then, have dramatically highlighted the need to think about new technologies aimed not only to documentation and heritage conservation, but also to tourism, able to bring the visitor to new experiences. Digital tourism takes travellers to a different kind of tourist experience. It is an immersive digital support before, during and after the travel activity.

The solution proposed by INCEPTION S.r.l. allows to realize the real XR (eXtended Reality), as a mix of AR/VR/MR solutions, thanks to the support of INCEPTION CORE ENGINE.
The availability of 3D models with a level of detail and accuracy consistent with the information to be shared through the digital model, combined with the semantic approach that allows enriching these models with a virtually infinite amount of Linked Data and Open Data, represents the key to the realization of customized solutions for specific tourist destinations. Tailored programming interfaces (APIs) enables integration with e-travel applications and with AR, VR and MR applications both for off-site and on-site use, even through mobile devices.

Virtual experience

A recent study proved that 80% of people who have experienced Virtual Reality to explore a destination felt “transported to another world”.

360° Experience

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