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One of the key applications of INCEPTION CORE ENGINE is space management.
Through the innovative Flat-ICE application it is possible to implement all the key actions typical of space and facility management, such as transfer planning, cleaning, document management, compliance with accreditation rules and regulations, signposting and more.

Unlike other solutions, our BIM-based semantic approach shows its superiority in seamless passing from 3D to 2D applications and vice versa.
IFC-based standards for space and facilities/structures management, like COBie, can be easily put into practice/applied natively. A facility can be decomposed/split off into floors, spaces and areas by simply adding these entities to an ontology and defining the relations between them, again in a logic of RDF triples (subject, predicate, object). In the same way, all the components (e.g. assets or parts of a plant) and their metadata (type) can be modelled. They can be functionally grouped in systems, physically grouped to form assemblies or logically grouped to form connections.

In the same way all the documents, resources, jobs, maintenance protocols, etc. are modelled and linked.

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Approccio 6d

The Flat-ICE approach gives an unprecedented flexibility to put in place whatever management model or organization chart, without having to choose between 3D or 2D, but rather implementing a full 6D approach, as defined in the literature.

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