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Portfolio – Progetti Inception – Gran Carro Bolsena


Etruscan settlement of Gran Carro (Bolsena Lake)

Bolsena (VT), Italy

Scope:   Archaeology – Cultural Heritage

Partner:   ICCD

Year:   2021

Keywords:   Photogrammetric surveying, BIM model, 3D textured model, object-metadata enrichment, ICCD catalogue, nesting models.

Model:   Insediamento etrusco del Gran Carro

Model:   Gran Carro – C1

Model:   Gran Carro – C1 – Livello 2

Model:   Gran Carro – C1 – Livello 3

Model:   Gran Carro – C1 – Livello 7


Inception Spin-off – Gran Carro, Lago di Bolsena (VT)

Inception Spin-off – Gran Carro, settore C1 e livello 2, Lago di Bolsena (VT)

Inception Spin-off – Gran Carro, livelli 3 e 7, Lago di Bolsena (VT)

International conference “Dive in the blue growth”.
Barbara Barbaro (ICCD) and Marco Medici (Inception).

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