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We bring Core Engine to Cultural and Built Heritage


Inception Spin-Off

The spin-off offers several services related to conservation, maintenance, enhancement of the built heritage thanks to the team’ various professionals able to develop the following activities at different scales and from different disciplinary perspectives:


3D integrated surveys through the use of the most advanced data acquisition techniques.


Thermographic and spectrophotometric surveys and analyses.


Creation of digital contents for dissemination and communication also through the use of 360° photography and video.


Development of BIM/HBIM models compliant with industry standards exported according to IFC (Industry Foundation Class) standard files.


Optimization of BIM modeling procedures for documentation purposes by improving the management of knowledge aggregated to a 3D model.


Development and maintenance of a cloud-based set of RESTful applications based on multiple services, in order to extract all semantic information (both geometry and metadata) included in the 3D model and to generate triple RDF (Resource Description Framework) serialized as TTL (Turtle) files.


Development of a specific ontology able to manage both the IFC information and its enrichment according to the specific objectives and requirements defined by customers.


Development of products and valorisation strategies, for the extended use of the historical-architectural-cultural heritage also for tourist and popular purposes thanks to the tools offered by INCEPTION technologies and AR and VR techniques.

Cultural Heritage

The holistic fruition based on a 3D digitization of Cultural Heritage, widespread historical architecture and built heritage provides the fundamental basis for the conservation, management, tourism enhancement as well as prevention of social, cultural and economic consequences of different types of damage, such as floods, earthquakes, fires, anthropogenic events, etc. When several forms of accessibility are changing, like during Covid-19 lockdown, digitization is an effective solution to making monuments and sites virtually accessible for citizens. The need for digital data interpretation and documentation guided the overall cross-disciplinary process of designing new methods and tools for 3D surveying and BIM/HBIM modelling.


The key points of our innovation in this field are


Use of 3D models for management, conservation, design, analysis applications



Use 3D models for the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps in situ and remotely



APIs (tailored/custom-made programming interfaces) for the development and integration of apps by third party companies.


Simple web interface for semantic enrichment.


Eased collaboration between different disciplines, technologies and research fields.


Fostering innovation in digital data management and Cultural Heritage activities, making knowledge more attractive to citizens and visitors.


These solutions are mainly aimed at

Public administrations for the protection of Cultural and Architectural heritage, MiBACT and Culture Minister and their equivalents on European and international territory.

Associations and private foundations for the protection of the territory and the Cultural and Architectural Heritage.

Public and private bodies managing large real estate assets of historical and architectural significance.

Cultural Heritage solutions

Property Management

Nowadays, the amount of digital data of different source and structure that can be produced for buildings’ management is extensive and always increasing. From simple and common documents in PDF or Word format (reports, surveys, etc.) to images and videos (even 360 degrees), 2D and 3D technical drawings, point clouds from 3D surveys, up to BIM models that are rapidly becoming mandatory for different design levels. Professionals and managers are often overwhelmed by this amount of data, effectively losing control of the workflow around digital data and losing a definite opportunity for process optimization.

The manager and his staff, often a public body, is the main target of this solution. Very often managers are culturally unprepared, given the lack of training and adequate technical tools, to operate with his professionalism in the digital environment. Even the simple opening of a file to check its content requires the use of many specific proprietary software, typically designed for authoring (CAD, BIM, point clouds, 3D modeling, etc.). This also involves significant licensing costs, which are not proportioned to the purpose of checking, archiving and verifying digital files or data. Freeware tools also often require specific skills for installation, format conversions, etc. as errors or incompatibilities can occur. In addition, these tools provide data that are totally unrelated to each other, often unavailable after a short period of time due to licensing problems, archiving, version updates, etc.

The innovations for Property management are:

use of 3D models for management, conservation, design, analysis;

solution of problems for managing large amounts of data that make management processes complex and time-consuming;

solutions for greater data flexibility and usability in the long term;

greater efficiency in data integration;

more efficient tools and processes;

solutions to bridge the gap in digital data integration with existing open standards;

APIs for third party application development and integration;

web platform for BIM models based on a semantic data structure;

cloud or server-based solutions.


These solutions are mainly aimed at

Public administrations for the government of the territory, from municipalities to regions and their equals on European and international territory.

Public and private housing management bodies

Undivided-owned housing cooperatives.

public and private hospital facilities.

ASLs with healthcare facilities spread over a wide territory.

Property management solutions

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